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Glamorgan Paranormal Investigations

The authors of this website have for years been conducting a series of paranormal investigations at a historic location in South Wales with interesting results. We've had an interest in the paranormal from a very young age, have over one hundred good books on the subject and are both members of the Society for Psychical Research; it was logical that we would one day attempt our own investigations in a bid to capture evidence for this elusive and unexplained phenomenon. 

The location for our investigations is a converted seventeenth century farmhouse situated on the outskirts of Penarth which we visit on a fairly regular basis. Contrary to pop culture where most allegedly haunted locations are almost always portrayed as spooky with a sinister reputation, there is nothing spooky or sinister about this place at all and we have always felt comfortable and relaxed here. 

The impetus behind our investigations came by chance through an acquaintance of ours who occupied a house on a farm near to where we conduct our investigations, and who piqued our interest by stating that he has seen animals around his farm which he recognized as being dead, has had his paperwork pushed off his desk numerous times when in the near vicinity, has seen on a number of occasions a man in an out-of-date tweed coat walking down the path at the rear of his property as well as hearing various crashes and bangs in his house. 

Given that the location for our paranormal investigations has a long history of sustained occupation we thought there might be a reasonable chance that we might encounter some sort of paranormal activity thus making it an ideal venue for a series of controlled investigations. We went into these investigations with a critical attitude and were in all honesty not really expecting anything to happen. Many paranormal groups tend to be overly credulous in ascribing paranormal origins to their 'evidence' and interpret it according to their beliefs-not so with us. We were somewhat skeptical that we would encounter any paranormal phenomena at all but none the less kept an open mind. We tend to conduct our investigations both in the evenings and in the early hours of the morning as at this time everything is quiet and still which presents ideal conditions for a paranormal investigation with no distractions. 

We were quite surprised that from the very first investigation we began to experience paranormal phenomena and have done so on many of our subsequent investigations. Fast forward five years and we have accumulated an interesting body of evidence which represents a broad spectrum of phenomena. 

          (A curious light formation taken on our second investigation)

For the most part the main body of evidence we have gathered over the years has consisted of disembodied voices which have been present on our audio recorders. Of these voices the majority are male while one is female. For the most part we do not hear them at the time and they are only apparent when playing back the recording, although on two occasions we have actually heard voices in the room with us; thankfully we have them as recordings.

Of the voices from the old farmhouse the voice of a young female has been the most frequently recorded by us. This female voice is very softly spoken and it sounds like she is very young possibly in her early twenties. Of the numerous things she has said was the word ‘boys’, this was spoken when we were talking to each other. On another occasion when asking if there was anyone present in the room with us she quite clearly says that she was ‘here’, that recording sent a chill down our spines when listening to it for the first time as it was a clear response to a question posed by us; she even said ‘bye’ to us as we were turning off our recorders and getting ready to leave.  We have both on one occasion heard this female speak to us in real time with a loud 'hello' spoken in two syllables. Who could this young woman have been?  It's quite possible that she was both born and died within the farmhouse and that that her spirit has been lingering around ever since, but there is nothing sinister about this gentle female voice that we often here, to the contrary there appears a very definite willingness to communicate and to be acknowledged.  

Of the male voices from the old house, we have heard what sounds like a gruff old man. I  on one occasion asked Mark if he has read a book by Guy Lyon Playfair called This House is Haunted, to which the old man’s voice replies with a protracted ‘no’. Also captured on our recorders was another male voice saying 'again'. This was in response to asking if we were not alone. Of the rare occasion we actually heard a voice with our own ears, we captured a loud male voice which shouts 'booo' or 'boom' from a corner of the room where the old spiral stairs are located. In an old barn nearby we recorded perhaps one of the most interesting voices. A very deep male voice can be heard saying the word ‘verum’, which is Latin for ‘truth’. We recorded this same Latin word on two separate occasions. 

                     (Light anomaly taken on our first investigation)

Of the hundreds of photos taken over the years only three stand out as remarkable. The shooting steak of light above was taken in darkness in the old farmhouse at the very end of our first investigation at around half one in the morning. There was no light source in the near vicinity of the location, in fact, the conditions were almost totally pitch black. We have attempted to recreate this photo hundreds of times including undertaking helpful suggestions from skeptical friends such as dangling hairs in front of the camera, using different camera modes, shining flash lights at the time of exposure and moving the camera around during exposure, but we have never come close to recreating this photo.

The last interesting photo was taken years later and came from a corner of the room where only minutes earlier we had heard a female voice. This is the first opaque and three dimensional object we have captured. It looks like a small bone suspended in space and it was not there at the time we took the photo.

(Picture of the opaque bone like object caught almost immediately after we heard the female voice say 'hello')

We have referred these photos to two separate individuals who are experts in photography, one possessing a degree in the subject, and the other who possesses a BSC from Magdalene college Cambridge and who is who is an authority on lasers, optics and photography. Both individuals could offer no logical explanation for any of the three photographs presented to them, and were in fact intrigued by them.

On only one occasion has a trigger object been disturbed. The object was a crucifix and had moved around half an inch from its location without any human agency.  

Individually these photographs and recordings are of great interest and collectively as a whole they form a very convincing body of evidence which is not easily dismissedThe investigations are ongoing and it is interesting to note that we have not heard the voice of the young female or the gruff old man for a good while, could it be that these spirits have 'moved on'? 

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